Jay DelDotto | Katie Hill Is No Moderate

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Katie Hill is not a moderate as she is trying to portray herself. In my opinion she will vote with Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters consistently if she gets voted into Congress. She will have to in order to have any chance of a decent committee assignment. She cannot afford their wrath after being given ($7.3 million) to defeat Rep. Steve Knight. That is a lot of money. Where did it come from?

What are Katie Hill’s qualifications? She says she cares about our community. She says she has spent her time running some organization to end homelessness. This makes her a nice “do-gooder” but does that now make her qualified to represent the 25th District? Maybe yes for some, maybe not for others.

I don’t think so.

Somehow Hill was able to raise a lot of money to run a campaign against Steve Knight, a military veteran, former police officer and now a congressman. Knight, like Katie Hill, cares about his community. He has a track record of consistently supporting military veterans’ causes, and yes he wants to lower taxes, and yes he believes in free enterprise with minimum regulations. Does Katie Hill?

What does Hill stand for? Hill says she would not put party over community. If the money was raised by Democratic fundraising organizations, don’t they expect she will vote for the Democratic-sponsored tax-and-spend programs they want to implement? Is she going to vote to impeach President Trump? Trump is Trump but what crime has he committed? Doesn’t that mean she will put “party” over her community just like she accuses Knight of doing?

How does Katie Hill feel about the Democrats spending our tax dollars on defending the illegal immigrants already here and still coming over our border? By the way, when did we the people get to vote on giving our tax money to hire attorneys to defend illegal immigrants? Where did that tax money come from? What is her view on that? 

Katie Hill says she wants affordable health care. Don’t we all? Just how does she plan to do this? Oh, I know, vote to raise taxes and have the government run our health services. That is what many in the Democratic Party advocate. So I would guess she supports that, too. Government control of everything. Isn’t that what the socialists also want? 

Katie does not want to give tax breaks to big corporations. OK, but remember big corporations employ millions of people. Also, average people invest in these corporations and hope to see their investments grow so that when they retire they can live a fairly decent life. Note: New York, a Democratic-controlled state, advertises they will give big tax breaks to businesses and corporations if they move to their state. I guess that is not evil in New York.

Jay DelDotto


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