Kevin Eliason | Unfinished Business for City Council

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Now that we have the same City Council that we had last year, maybe a few bits of unfinished business can be finalized.

1. When will ALL the billboards come down once and for all? These “signs of the past” were suppose to be gone by now, so what’s the latest excuse?

2. The ugly solar panel site remains on the hillside for all to see with disgust. None have been removed as of that deadline back in August. So what’s the latest on this eyesore?

And lastly…forget the bullet train to nowhere. That state money should be used for highway and bridge repair. The gas tax increase must be returned to the voters as it should have been after it was stolen in the last election. So we voted to keep the status quo.

Now let’s live up to ALL of your promises. Hey, maybe Lois Eisenberg will run for office next time. She has the solutions for everything, as evidenced by her letters. Good luck to all… now let’s see results.

Kevin Eliason

Santa Clarita

Editor’s note: It bears noting that the bullet train and the gas tax are state issues, beyond the jurisdiction of the City Council.

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