Richard La Motte | Another ‘Screed Dump’ from a Regular Letter Writer?

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What is wrong with Lois Eisenberg? I just read another hate-filled, screed dump on Saturday (Nov. 17) equating President Trump (and his supporters) with anti-Semitism.

Enough already.

It’s Ms. Eisenberg and hate-filled people like her who share responsibility for the nasty mood in our country. People who relish the “resistance,” and put their own selfish political feelings ahead of the other half of the nation, and who instigate hate, instead of peace.

When Barack Obama was president, we were told that even if you didn’t like his politics, you had to respect the office of president. What happened to that? 

Does Ms Eisenberg know or care that President Trump’s daughter and son-in-law are Jewish?

Does she know or care that in two years of this presidency we have lower taxes, greater employment for ALL Americans, rebounding manufacturing, rising wages, and now prison reform, for which even Van Jones gave credit?

It seems that Ms. Eisenberg, to use her analogy, has, like a puppy, lapped up all the hateful nonsense she’s been exposed to.

Richard La Motte

Santa Clarita

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