Dana L. Stern | Politicians and Illegal Immigrants

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The United States of America has illegal aliens entering the country in open disobedience of the laws. They are encouraged to do this by organizations across the country. These organizations aid and abet these illegal aliens. Both groups are committing federal crimes.

All of this is further complicated by politicians who seek the votes of illegal aliens as soon as they cross our borders. In California illegal aliens cannot be asked their citizenship when applying for a driver’s license.

During the process of applying for the driver’s license, they register to vote. These illegal aliens vote issues to better their position illegally in this country.  Some illegal aliens have been deported many times and have been convicted of murder. The drug trade in this country is run by illegal aliens who are members of gangs like MS13.

Public officials at the highest levels in the state of California, like Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom, can expect to have a recall started. Illegal aliens are being cared for better than veterans and the homeless.

Alex Villanueva, the new sheriff of Los Angeles County, can expect a recall also. He has announced plans to ban ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) from Los Angeles County jails. ICE is part of the federal Department of Homeland Security.

Please note Sheriff Lee Baca and 17 other former members of the Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles County are now serving jail time for disobeying federal laws.

Dana L. Stern

Canyon Country

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