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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I have lived in the Santa Clarita Valley for over 58 years and have felt proud and satisfied with the living conditions. Not all but most. Over the years I have seen so much hate built up that it is almost unbelievable to get my head around. And why? Just because a man, not most people’s choice, won the presidency. I read the hate in The Signal’s letters to the editor by such people as Gary Horton. Why so much hate for the Republicans and Trump?

But what has gotten my skivvies scrunched up in a tight wad is the City Council’s attempt to corral the street vendors in our city. I won’t argue whether they should set up shop in front of other eateries and take away their business. This is not my point.

But what really gripes me is the article in today’s Signal (Nov. 28) that reads, “Rivas referred to Senate Bill 946, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in September. The bill states that cities can no longer prohibit sidewalk vending or criminalize sidewalk vending but can regulate the sale of food and merchandising through licensing and permitting.”

This is our incorporated city and the governor is telling us (the city) what we can and cannot do? How does that work, city officials?

This sounds so much like a Gestapo State where big government is running our city. Since when do they have the right to pass legislation to run our city the way they feel it should be run? Or is this just standard Democratic runaway governing? Don’t tell me it’s for the good of Awesometown. That term makes me want to vomit every time I hear it.

To the City Council: Can’t your city attorney generate enough heat to tell the governor to pound sand? Is there any way to stop this hateful government? No wonder the Democratic Party is hated so much.

As far as the hateful rhetoric, I suggest you just step back and take a few deep breaths and relax. It is what is it is and all you are doing is causing your blood pressure to go sky-high. Just chill out and vote Trump out at election time. You’ll be a better person for it and so will we when he wins again.

City Attorney: Hit the books and find out what can be done.

Just one taxpayer who is really (ticked) off with Sacramento.

Dick Cesaroni


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