Jim Blumel | Is Special Counsel Mueller Accomplishing Anything?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Does anyone think Robert Mueller is accomplishing anything worthwhile for the country? The special counsel has been milking the taxpayers for almost two years with an investigation that has concluded nothing that pertains to the reason for his appointment. If there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia it would have been revealed long ago.

Mueller and his team of Democrat lawyers have wasted almost two years spending millions of tax dollars. He and his investigators have destroyed the lives and reputations of good people like Gen. Mike Flynn and others not even associated with the campaign, like author Jerome Corsi.

A bunch of lawyers using the power of a special counsel to intimidate witnesses should have resolved the issue long ago. Instead they are dragging the probe out for their personal gain, causing confusion and division in the government and throughout the country. Even if there was justification to appoint Mueller in the first place, he didn’t need all this time to do the job.

Why do politicians and the media try to portray Mueller as some noble hero? He is obviously a man with an agenda. He has apparently started with a conclusion and is desperately trying to find evidence to justify it. In the meantime he is recklessly indicting and destroying the lives of people with accusations totally unrelated to his intended investigation. The whole thing smells of political bias. This probe appears to be nothing more than an effort to destroy Donald Trump and the office of the president. Does anyone think that’s good for the country?

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