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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

And now another ludicrous government tactic is in our view. I’m talking about this totally confusing streetlight maintenance assessment, which, by any other name, is in reality a property tax increase.

Adding to this confusion I quote Councilwoman Laurene Weste, who said she was shocked and not impressed. “I don’t agree with it at all. What I’m seeing is hopelessly confusing.”

This was also expressed by Councilman Cameron Smyth and Mayor Marsha McLean.

If they were so shocked by this action, why did they leave it to city staff and not take the responsibility to know the facts firsthand and before this absurd thing happened? More attention should have been put into this as it seems being mayor is more important than city matters. Hell, it’s just a title! Fiduciary responsibility to the people is the matter at hand here, not a title.The citizens of the city elected the City Council, not the city staff to execute their lifestyle. Wherein lies the integrity?

I add from one of our papers, “Developers whose projects are not yet developed but are within the affected areas appear to get as many votes as units they’ll build. But once those units are developed, the people who buy the property and become property owners would pay the full rate.” This is nothing more than a deceitful action and wording for a Mello-Roos property tax. There’s an old saying, “A rose by any other name is still a rose.” A Mello-Roos property tax by any other name is still a Mello-Roos property tax.

Prepare yourself, for this is just the beginning. Educate yourself and vote “NO” now and in the future. This will surface again only with different wording.

Ken Dean

Santa Clarita

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