Richard and Victoria Lamb | City Special Districts Department Asks for Too Much

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Letters to the Editor
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On about Dec. 4 we received a letter, which came in a plain manila envelope looking like junk mail, dated Nov. 29, addressed to, “Dear Property Owner” and entitled, “Streetlight Maintenance Assessment.”

The letter said that the city of Santa Clarita would be sending a “ballot” (probably also in a plain manila envelope) in a few days asking property owners to vote yes to increase the local streetlight assessment from $12.38 to $81.71 per year, a 560 percent increase in one shot — or, no, you presumably oppose maintaining street lights in your neighborhood.

Apparently, the Special Districts Department of the city had not raised the assessment for 20 years, and they felt the local property owners should make up for their failure to plan ahead all in one year.

While the total amount is not enormous, and we are in favor of maintaining our local streetlights, the size of this increase is totally unacceptable to this homeowner and I am sure many others in the community. Please pass this information on to your readers.

Richard and Victoria Lamb

Canyon Country

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