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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I voted for our current president because I wanted a businessman in office instead of a politician. I wanted someone who would negotiate a deal for the good of all of the United States, not just for the constituents of individual states. I wanted someone who would keep campaign promises. What I got was a politically incorrect man who shows us all of his personal warts. I kind of like this. I may not approve of him but at least I have a person who tells it like it is and not a politician who only tells us what he thinks we want to hear to get re-elected. What we have is a president who is attempting to keep the promises he made when running for election.

So far he has lowered the personal income tax we pay so we have more money to spend on ourselves instead of our non-working federal government. He lowered corporate taxes. Ah, the trickle down theory. There are economists on both sides of this debating whether this works. He has discontinued many regulations that thwarted business growth. These are two reasons why the economy is booming. Statistics show there is less unemployment, especially among black and Hispanic populations. He put coal miners back to work. Yes, there is global warming, but (the impact of U.S.) coal is minuscule compared to pollution in China and India. Until they take care of their pollution our solutions are having very little effect.

He is attempting to make trade agreements more fair and has done so with Canada and Mexico. He is lowering our armed forces’ commitments in Syria (I don’t know about this one). And he is attempting to get his promised wall — a wall that our Democrat politicians once were in favor of but now say no because they were outwitted in the presidential election and want to thwart everything our president asks for. We need a wall, not just for keeping gangs and drugs out but also for humanitarian reasons. We need a wall first to stem the tide and help our border patrol. And yes, we need more facilities and judges helping those who want to enter our country. I think a wall will deter thousands of migrants from coming to our border. It will certainly deter the coyotes they pay. My heart goes out to all people who want a better life that our country offers, but first there must be an orderly way to accomplish this.

Mildred (Millie) Hubert

Santa Clarita

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