Raagib Quraishi | A Head-Shaker of an Editorial

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Letters to the Editor
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If our founding fathers had read the editorial board’s stance on the government shutdown (Jan. 27), first they would’ve shook their heads because this is definitely not how our democracy was intended to be governed but then they would have smiled because the loony people writing that editorial should have every right to state their opinions and get published. Hopefully the thousands of readers that do read their newspaper shook their heads, too.

Let’s make Katie Hill’s and Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s position clear, shall we? Shutting down the government and withholding millions of people’s (those federal employees had families) livelihood is not a tool for policy. We have this wonderful system set up where laws are made in conjunction with three branches of government. The executive branch cannot just fold his arms and threaten the 500-plus legislators to give him a wall or we will just have to see what happens to these millions of people who have nothing to do with the argument at hand and are just trying to provide for their family.

Thankfully the court of public opinion won in the end regardless of what this bizarre newspaper —can someone please, please, please buy this paper again — and others in the small minority of President Trump’s base thinks. God bless our schools for teaching the majority of Americans on how our government is supposed to function.

Raagib Quraishi

Stevenson Ranch

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