Lisa Lavadores | Is This Just Amazing or Is it Pedophilia?

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association (yes, the 40-year-old group is real and advocates for just what it sounds like), has not always gotten good press. But as times change faster than a speeding bullet, NAMBLA may soon find itself becoming an amazing new cultural darling.

Few today would dare to call NAMBLA amazing. But that adjective is currently applied to a young boy whom NAMBLA’s man members just might be tempted to invite into their loving association. The boy’s webpage is Desmond Is Amazing.

Desmond Napoles is 11 years old but has been gaining internet fame since he was 8. He is cute, outspoken, artistic and autistic. It is a tribute to American innovation and free enterprise and love for the underdog that Desmond is able to live in a world that does not shun him for his autism but provides him with a global electronic platform which reaches many kind hearts who are able to defray the family’s expenses.

And the family needs help. Raising a special needs child comes with a financial burden. This is especially true for Desmond’s family because both parents have been unemployed for so long that his friends set up a GoFundMe page for the family to bring in additional internet support. This has enabled Desmond to pursue his hobby, meet his heroes, and appear on “Good Morning America.”

Like many autistic children, Desmond is single-minded in his love for his hobby. Desmond’s hobby is being a drag queen. 

He likes the makeup. He likes the clothes. He likes performing. He likes these things so much that he and the adults surrounding him are creating a drag club for kids. 

Details of exactly what a drag club for kids would entail are not immediately clear from the Desmond is Amazing website.

What is clear from the website is that Desmond “came out of the closet when he was born” and that he is an advocate for the LGBT community. Sometimes, he is an advocate for the LGBTQ community. 

No word yet if he will become an advocate for the newly trending LGBTQIA community or the unlikely-to-catch-on LGBTQIA-OMGRU4REAL community.

While Desmond has been able to perform as he loves for three years and travel with the adults who supervise him and meet celebrities, even the most rabid internet junkies are unlikely to have heard about Desmond is Amazing. Perhaps because even the most rabid internet junkies are unlikely to search for “pre-pubescent autistic drag queens.”

Not so for NAMBLA members.

But Desmond entered mainstream media in November 2018 when he was featured on “Good Morning America.” The segment aired about a year after Desmond’s caregivers booked the boy on “Pee-ew,” a YouTube show co-hosted by Michael Alig. Alig had previously served just less than 17 years in prison for killing and dismembering a fellow drug dealer.

“Good Morning America” did not bring up the Alig interview with Desmond. No, the segment was simply full of love. Alig and his “Pee-ew” co-host also showed unconditional love for the boy. In addition, the “Pee-ew” episode featured artwork of a child skipping over the word “Rohypnol” (Rohypnol is known as “roofies” — a date-rape drug). So much love!

Roughly a month after the “Good Morning America” episode aired, some adult male homosexuals began to question the form all this love was taking. The questioning began when various, unconnected adult male homosexuals looking for adult male homosexual entertainment walked into a bar only to witness an 11-year-old child dancing for a bunch of men who were cheering and throwing money at the boy.

This did not sit well with the shocked patrons, and they took to Yelp in outrage. The outrage has been so strong that Yelp closed the review page for the establishment where Desmond performed (a self-described “queer bar and performance venue” with the clever name 3 Dollar Bill).

No word yet on whether “Good Morning America” will be featuring any autistic girls whose parents book her on shows with convicted killer drug pushers or in bars where adult men are partying and paying the girl to perform. There are no reports yet that any pedophiles who happened to have been born biological toxic heterosexual males are starting to wonder if this might be the perfect cultural moment to form the North American Man/Girl Love Association. 

But the times are swiftly changing, and they are becoming shockingly amazing.

Lisa Lavadores is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among several local Republicans.

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