Betty Arenson | Are We Proud of These Women in Elected Offices?

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Women’s History Month can be traced back to International Women’s Day in 1911. The Census Bureau takes it back to March 8, 1857, when female New York factory workers protested over miserable working conditions.

By presidential proclamation, February 1980, President Carter declared the week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week. Congress passed additional resolutions and since 1988 U.S. presidents have designated the March as Women’s History Month via annual proclamations.

Undoubtedly March of 2019 will be notable for women considering the number of women elected to offices around the country. What will be the legacy these elected women leave to women in general? 

Ironically, Republican women are ignored but for very sparse mentions of Rep. Elise Stefanik; Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds; South Dakota (first female) Gov. Kristi Noem; Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney; Marsha Blackburn, the first woman to win a Tennessee Senate seat and Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, who held her seat. 

While the new “fresh-women” class dominates the media, their positivity for women is arguable.

Rashida Tlaib exhibited her true colors immediately at a MoveOn.Org event. She storied a conversation she had with her young son about President Trump, saying “We’re going to go in and impeach the motherf**ker.” 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed it off as not being language she would use and defaulted to freedom of speech; the end. 

The MSM was OK with it too, evidenced with a Jan. 4 Washington Post opinion piece by Molly Roberts, entitled “What’s so wrong with motherf***er?”

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris is a declared presidential candidate. CBS San Francisco reported she spoke to a sold-out “Pod Save America” audience, discussing health care, liberal politics and resistance of Republicans and President Trump. She said, “Like this guy, this congressman, you might as well say, ‘People don’t starve because they don’t have food.’ What the f**k is that?” 

New York Sen. Kristen Gillibrand is also a declared presidential candidate. Gillibrand was interviewed (April 3, 2017, New York Magazine) about Family Act, her paid-family-leave bill. She said, “These things are real examples. I believe this. I truly believe it. It’s not bulls**t.” 

She’s also been quoted saying, “Which is that we’re here to help people, and if we’re not helping people, we should go the f**k home.”

In a May 2017 Legal Insurrection article by Leslie Eastman, she asks, “Is profanity the ‘soaring rhetoric’ of today’s progressives?” Eastman goes further in citing Gillibrand’s profanities stating that her April 2017 speech “included included one ‘f**k,’ two ‘f**king’s, one ‘bulls**t,’ one ‘pi***ed off,’ one ‘they suck,’ and a ‘what the hell is going on?’”

But, but, “what about Trump’s swearing” and “what about Rep. Steve King’s racist remarks”? Yes, Trump swears and amusingly while Democrats shout about being offended, their women emulate him….then blame him for it. As for King, he was condemned by fellow Republicans and quickly kicked off of all committee assignments. 

I’m unaware of any public foul language from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her words have self-declared her as “the boss” and those Congress members who disagree with her will be on her “list.” AOC’s immature “like” speech doing away with airplanes, ships, cars and everything-will-be-free nonsense adding incalculable trillions of dollars of debt is gormless.

The newly elected, defiant Iljan Omar, D-Minn, is high-profile for her clear and repeated anti-Semitic statements.

Ignored until now is Omar’s tweet of Nov. 12, 2016: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help see the evil doings of Israel.”

Irrespective of this tweet, Omar won a seat and was placed on the Foreign Affairs Committee! 

Business Insider reported that on Feb. 11 Omar sent multiple tweets claiming some politicians were bought and paid for by pro-Israeli groups, like American Israeli Public Affairs (AIPAC); notably she didn’t mention the J Street organization. Omar underlined her racism with “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.” Her offensive smear of the Jewish peoples is transparently engrained, resolute and reprehensible. 

Nancy Pelosi initially said Omar should apologize. Omar did utter the correct-sounding words but went on to the next slur. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and now Nancy Pelosi defend Omar stating her “culture” renders her to not understand the weight of her words. 

Omar will not be held accountable and will absolutely remain on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Our own representative Katie Hill’s remarks in a Feb. 14 Politico article saying Republicans “Don’t give a s**t about the issues” is specious.

Hill is a leader in the Democrats’ Congressional Progressive Caucus. She has the power to make a motion to remove Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee. She has not. Early on, it is evident Katie Hill is not the representative for all of the people as she campaigned to be, but is in lockstep will Nancy Pelosi. 

It’s the month to celebrate women. We can ask ourselves if we’re proud of the present representatives.

Betty Arenson is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among several local Republicans.

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