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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Betty Arenson, for again writing a column (March 16) with which I agree 100 percent.

You ask if I am proud of the rude, crude, alien-behaving women of our current representative government? No way. In fact, those defiant, big-mouthed females make me so ashamed that, as an intelligent, educated and thinking 21st-century American woman, I might possibly be identified with “them dames.”

Isn’t it ironic that in their striving to be treated equally to men, they sink so low in their own behavior? Big deal that they can utter the gross language that decent Americans won’t even spell out in print. 

Do they think they are somehow equal to men by their crudeness and rudeness? I’ve never heard men in our government quoted as those women like to be.

So, am I proud of them? No. I regret that the rest of the world sees their behavior and that I can be associated with them in any way. I will never vote for a one of them because they are proving themselves to be so shameful.

Glenda Johnson

Santa Clarita

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