Hans Kersting: Closing the window


Each night before heading to bed, there are a couple of things I need to check in my house.

Are the doors locked, and are the windows closed?

Remembering to close those windows can not only protect your house, but it can also protect your golf swing.

What exactly does it mean to close the windows of your golf swing? I am referring specifically to the areas between your knees and your elbows.

I see players all the time taking a wide stance, with the hopes of hitting the ball farther. This stance typically spaces the knees too far apart, thus limiting the player’s ability to freely rotate their lower body.

This can lead to the dreaded “sway” in your backswing.

When this happens, it’s time to close that window. All you need to do is narrow your stance slightly, and then gently push your knees toward each other.

This will unlock your hips, thus allowing you to rotate your lower body more easily during your backswing.

But how about those elbows?

The idea is very much the same as with the knees. Too much space between your elbows can lead to a swing that is too loose and impossible to consistently repeat.

What I like to have my students do is stand close enough to the ball that your arms can freely drop from your shoulders, and I ask that they gently push their elbows toward one another.

The combination of relaxed shoulders with less space between the elbows will allow for a much more consistent takeaway.

Productive golf swings are all about efficiency.

The goal is to make a swing that takes up less area, as well as using fewer moving pieces. If you can learn to stand closer to the ball, while keeping your knees and elbows closer together, your golf swing will be more efficient and consistent.

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