Out of the Bunker: The role of the back foot


How much do you think about your back foot in the golf swing? For you right-handed players, I’m referring to your right foot.

Your back foot can play a couple of key roles in your golf swing. 

Many players use this foot to help release fully into a follow through. You see it in every good swing. As the golfer is observing their golf shot, their back foot is turned up to a 90-degree angle with just their big toe sticking into the ground. 

What I’d like to discuss, however, is the role your back foot can play on your backswing.

Many of you may have limited rotation in your backswing. Some of this is due to flexibility issues, while some may also be due to improper alignment of your back foot.

A terrific way to create more rotation in your backswing is to open your back foot as you address the ball. Simply turn the toes of your back foot AWAY from your target. By opening your back foot, you are also opening your back hip. 

This will free your lower body, and it will make it much easier for you to complete your backswing.

Now, for those of you not suffering from flexibility issues, you may not need to adhere to this idea.  However, the opening of the back foot will allow many of you to reach a point in your backswing that you may not have achieved in quite some time. 

The best part of it all is that you don’t need to change any other part of your swing to increase your rotation. 

Once your foot and hip are more open, you will no longer be restricted, and you can continue to make a swing that feels good to you. However, that sweet swing of yours will now come with a fuller rotation. 

Try it out.

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