Safety first when selling your home


When selling your home, there are certain safety guidelines that should always be followed to keep yourself and others safe.


Don’t forget to take your keys, credit cards, jewelry, and other valuables from your home or lock them away. Do not leave cash lying around. Do not ‘hide’ your valuables in the usual places, such as the top drawer of your bedroom dresser.

Antique, rare, or expensive home décor items also should be put away to avoid accidental breakage, or worse, theft. Pre-pack your collections.


Remove prescription medications from medicine cabinets and bedside tables. It is easy while showing the home for someone to ask to use the bathroom, then in the privacy of the room rummage through the medicine cabinet.


Firearms, knives (including those in a block in the kitchen) and other weapons should be removed from sight and locked away.

Personal info

Bills, invoices, credit card statements, mail, and anything with your Social Security Number or other personal identifying information should be removed from view.

Family photos and anything labeled with names should also be put away.


Do not let strangers into your home if they do not have an appointment. To discourage people from just showing up at your door, have your Realtor® install a sign rider such as: SHOWN BY


All showings should be officially scheduled in advance through either your Realtor®, their office, or another Realtor who represents the buyer.


Protect yourself from a liability standpoint by making sure the driveway and sidewalks are clear and free of debris and ice. If the entry walk or driveway presents trip hazards with offset sections, you may want to have those areas fixed prior to showings. Stairs present a hazard as well, so keep them clear of belongings and have a secure handrail if needed.

Make sure pets are secured at all times. Posting any applicable warning signs is helpful.

Do everything in your power to ensure a prospective buyer is not in danger. People can be incredibly inattentive and careless sometimes. Reduce the opportunity for injury wherever you can.

Use caution

If something doesn’t feel right, call your Realtor immediately. It’s always best to err on the side of caution. Safety first.

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