Gil Mertz | Democratic Hypocrisy on Impeachment

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Despite the findings of the Mueller Report that there was no Russian collusion and insufficient evidence to indict President Trump on obstruction charges, Democrats are not satisfied and are considering impeachment because of what Katie Hill calls their congressional duty and passion for the Constitution. Really?

Unlike Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who hasn’t brought any charges against Trump, Special Counsel Kenneth Starr brought up two official charges against Bill Clinton with supporting evidence on obstruction of justice and perjury. How did the Democrats handle their congressional duty and passion for the Constitution then?

Not one Democrat voted for impeachment against Bill Clinton and Democrats argued that the Starr Report should not be made public. Today, with NO charges by Mueller against Trump, Democrats are lining up for impeachment and they demanded that the Mueller report be released as soon as possible. 

Ms. Hill was also asked this week how her constituents felt about all this and she said she was surprised by how many people in her district want to see these investigations continue. How well do you think Ms. Hill knows her constituents?

Gil Mertz, Thousand Oaks

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