Robert Meyers | ‘Research I Conducted in 2040’

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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In 2040: I conducted a web search of infamous demagogues associated with political committees and show trials. I found links to the usual characters such as Sen. Joseph McCarthy, anti-communist firebrand; William Stoughton, chief justice of the Salem witch trials; and Tomas del Torquemada, grand inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition. Surprisingly, I found a link to Rep. Adam Schiff.  

When I clicked on the link there were highlights of Schiff’s brief career. I found that he was chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in 2019.  His nickname was Shifty Schiff in part due to his obsessive, unethical and partisan efforts to find two-term President Donald Trump guilty of collusion with RUSSIA! Despite findings from an extensive investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that no such evidence existed, Schiff continued to demonstrate irrational behavior, known as Trump derangement syndrome. He disrupted the lives of dozens of innocents by recklessly issuing subpoenas to appear before his committee to prove his guilty narrative. Eventually, Schiff’s own committee removed him from his chair position for misconduct. Unfortunately, this action was taken after Schiff wasted hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, and needlessly caused great financial and personal pain to those caught up in his web of denial and deceit.

Under “Legacy,” the website states that other than his involvement in the Russia hoax, Schiff was not known for any accomplishments during his term of office. He never apologized for the harm he caused to others and to his country. In his own mind, Schiff considered himself a model patriot.

Robert Meyers

Santa Clarita

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