Gil Mertz | Who’s Really Obstructing Justice?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Last year the nation was aghast as Democrats showed how far they would go to ruin someone’s life with Brett Kavanaugh. After days of grueling testimony, they pulled in Christine Blasey Ford’s claim that the potential Supreme Court justice was a serial rapist. Despite the claim being 36 years old, no collaborating evidence, witnesses that refuted her testimony, no cross-examination, and not one word from the accused, Democrat lawmakers were ready to pronounce Kavanaugh as guilty of raping women. It was indeed a national disgrace.

And now these same Democrats have their guns aimed at a new target, Attorney General William Barr. His crime? Releasing a summary of the Mueller report that didn’t include orders to impeach President Trump. Democrats have since been given a redacted version of the Mueller report, which contained damaging information about Trump, but still fell short of their hopes to redo the 2016 election. Barr has offered a version of the report with only 2% redacted but (it seems as if) not one Democrat has read it. Hey, why let facts stop an old-fashioned, political lynching?

For almost two years we were told that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team must be allowed to complete their investigation to see if the president of the United States is really a Russian spy. And anyone who even questioned this investigation was either trying to hide something or guilty of obstructing justice. But after just five hours of testimony before the Senate, Democrats are screaming that Barr must resign or be impeached!

What frightened them most was Barr’s comment that he was going to investigate how this Russian investigation got started. This is why Democrats are pulling their hair out demanding that Barr be removed now. How is this not obstruction of justice?

Gil Mertz

Thousand Oaks

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