Don Gately | Free Speech and the Border Debate

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

With the passing of the 75th anniversary of D-Day and with July 4 about upon us, this seems an especially appropriate time to reflect on our rights. I think the most precious one is freedom of speech — a freedom many, if not most, of the people in the world don’t enjoy. So it is particularly disturbing that young liberals are preventing conservatives from even speaking on campuses. 

That is only one example. Recently, at a breakfast get-together, I brought up the subject of Mexico’s borders. I was reminded we don’t talk politics. To quote a favorite Trump expression, “Sad.” 

I think Mexico has the right to let anyone in their country they want to. It is their country, not ours. It is none of our business. And it is not Mexico’s responsibility to keep undesirables out of our country. If we can’t protect our border and keep bad guys out, why blame Mexico when they can’t — or won’t — protect their border and keep bad guys out? 

A tariff to protest Mexico’s border policy is not only arrogant, it will also probably result in higher prices for imports from Mexico.

Don Gately


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