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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

California has long served as a leader in making significant and innovative changes in the interest of animal and environmental protection. Right now, California has an opportunity to be a leader in yet another innovative change: passing Assembly Bill 44. 

AB 44, introduced by Assemblywoman Laura Friedman, would ban the sale and manufacture of new fur products throughout California, and would make California the first ever to enact such a statewide fur ban. The bill was introduced because of the environmental and ethical problems associated with fur farming. 

Fur farms keep animals like minks, raccoon dogs, and rabbits in tiny cages for their whole lives, and kill them in ways like neck-breaking or gassing to preserve their pelts. Their pelts are also treated with toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and chromium, which can make their way into surrounding soils and water, posing a threat to people and the environment. 

Join me in protecting California’s animals and its environment by calling your Assembly member today and voicing your support for AB 44.

Nancy Flores, Valencia

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