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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Upon reading the June 1 commentary by Patricia Suzanne (“Leftist Anger Grows More Treacherous”), I was expecting an explanation of why the president (aka Individual 1) is excluded from the list of those who incite violence as an appropriate response to political differences. No, Ms. Suzanne laid total blame on “leftists” (which I wish she would define), for exhibiting anger and escalating violence in the political arena. 

She seems to have ignored the angry response of Individual 1 when he encouraged a MAGA audience to assault a dissenter at one of his campaign rallies. And the murder of a young woman in Charlottesville by a white nationalist who presumably was one of the “good people on both sides.” 

Ms. Suzanne described beer-loving Brett Kavanaugh as “basically a Boy Scout.” Completely forgotten was his documented frat boy drunkenness as a college student. He was also accused of sexual assault by multiple women. The so-called “conservatives” on the Senate Judiciary Committee excused this as merely friendly youthful encounters. I wonder how they would feel if their own daughter was his victim.

Individual 1 has openly admitted his ongoing love affair with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, who ordered the murder of his own half-brother. And Chairman Kim is reported to have ordered the execution of an envoy who engaged with the administration in failed denuclearization talks. 

Another much-admired friend of Individual 1 is Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who has ordered the killing of political dissenters, including the attempted poisoning of one residing in the UK. 

The Saudi crown prince is also excused for the murder of a Washington Post journalist. Since Individual 1 excuses violence, I would have expected him to be highlighted by Ms. Suzanne as a prime example of someone who encourages violence against political opponents. Unfortunately, truth seems to be a foreign concept for Ms. Suzanne.

Thomas Oatway


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