Barry Parikh | CRV Seems Like a Rip-Off

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just moved from Florida about a year ago. There was no deposit, or what in California is known as CRV, on bottles, cans or plastics. However, I know almost 90% of Florida families did put all glass, plastic and cans in recycle bins weekly.

In California, all glass, plastic and aluminum cans have CRV, California redemption value, added in your store receipts.

I was collecting recyclable bottles and cans for over a year. Finally I went to the store to get the deposit back that I paid. To my surprise none of the stores were collecting recycling items. Finally I found out by talking to my neighbors that there are a few recycling center outside some of the stores. I went to one in Santa Clarita. 

I counted my recycle value at $15.50. When I turned them over to the recycling center I was given credit for $2.86, a deposit receipt which was expiring in less than four hours.

Why does the state call CRV, California redemption value, while I get less than 20% of the deposit I paid?

Do local grocers earn extra money for the deposit?

Why does the recycling center give the customer only a few hours to redeem the check?

Most of the customers will use recycling bins for recyclable items. Why don’t we get rid of the CRV, extra taxes on bottles, cans and plastics?

Barry Parikh

Santa Clarita

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