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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This past week, on July 20, it was 50 years since the landing on the moon happened or the fake moon landing filming finished. It seems unbelievable that some still believe that it was all fake. Well, it happened, we — not me personally — landed on the moon and returned safely and repeated this for a few more times with one hiccup as well.

What is also unbelievable is that there have been no more journeys there or anywhere else since then, although the journey to Mars is far more challenging and probably beyond NASA, or a lot of billionaires, at this time. There are of course a number of people who point out that we know a lot about the moon and little about the depths of our oceans.

There is a need to revive science and the belief in science, which may then lead to funding for science. Money should be spent on preventing diseases rather than immigrants. A very brief Google search gives the funding of NASA at $21.5 billion and the funding of defense at $686.1 billion, which although possibly inaccurate gives a comparison that is scary. The country may have strong walls protecting the masses who fall ill to some new disease!

Science will need funding and society will need some means of stopping fake news and misguided conspiracy supporters before we will be able to make another “giant leap for mankind.”

Let’s look up and beyond our local confines.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Melbourne, Australia

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