Duane Mooring | Ellis Commentary Wades into Nonsense

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Letters to the Editor
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In response to Cardon Ellis’ column on June 29, “Democrats Are Racing for Second”: This latest commentary from “Right Here, Right Now” is nonsense. There are two factors Cardon cites for why Democrats will lose by a landslide in 2020 (and that’s a maybe, but not the nonsensical part). 

The first factor cited is, ironically, “stupidity.” Ironic because stupid is the best description of the commentary overall. In Cardon’s estimation, stupidity is Democrats calling out racism on the right. The commentary doesn’t really explain why that’s “stupid.” 

The commentary wades deeper into nonsense with the second cited factor, “artificial intelligence and automation.” So, artificial intelligence and automation are displacing jobs in our economy. Yes – but I don’t see logic in how the author can somehow claim that Democrats don’t know or address this issue while President Trump does. 

Cardon talks about China, NAFTA and tariffs but doesn’t connect with any logical point. Do tariffs somehow stop job losses from automation? How? Will Donald Trump stick his finger in the dike and stop the onslaught of technology and progress? Will he put all the excess American workforce into coal mines? Sounds more like the author is making the case that we need educational programs to get more of our workforce involved in artificial intelligence and automation. Not a strong talking point for the Trump administration so far – think Betsy DeVos. 

Revolutionary ideas for supporting low-cost college educations without crippling student debt sound more effective. It also sounds a lot like the author is making a case that social programs to deal with a future requiring fewer hands-on jobs will be required. The Trump administration has taken on record-setting deficits to give tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations, thereby stealing money from all social programs. Sure, the wealthy and corporations have used a small part of the windfall and the Obama recovery to keep the unemployment numbers low, but do we bet the farm on that lasting? Maybe we don’t want it to last — we are a model economy for having a large base of working poor, but that’s no reason to boast. 

I know that vague attempts at throwing fear and disinformation at the electorate is the strategy but, hopefully, the electorate will look for some sense in the propaganda.

Duane Mooring


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