Hilmar Rosenast | A Polite Disagreement on Life

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Mrs. Lois Linnert’s disagreement on life (Letters, July 23) was very polite and most cautiously worded. She made many points I can agree with, and I do respect her right to her opinion and disagreements. However, it does not mean I have to respect her opinion or the position she has taken.

That “small bit of cells” that she refers to was just like herself some years ago, and is still but a “bit of cells” except larger and older! That “small bit of cells” contained everything that she is now. Nothing was added! 

How can one reconcile the statement that, “Life is precious and should be treated as such,” but then proceed and say that a woman can terminate it at any time? 

Recall the recent legislation in 21 states (three of which under review) restricting abortions after 20 weeks because the baby can feel pain! The mere admission that a baby can feel pain is an admission that it is a human being. Matter does not feel pain. 

What hypocrisy! 

I agree that it should not be politicians or even clergy to make the decision. God has made that decision for all of us long before the Supreme Court justices voted to begin the slaughter of unborn children. That same legal body showed its “infallibility” 150 years ago when they decided that not all human beings are equally human.

So a baby is still a baby! And Mrs. Linnert, you have the right to your opinion, although it misses the point.  

Hilmar Rosenast


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