Anthony Matthess | Leveling the Playing Field vs. Bad Guys

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am a long-time registered Republican, but an “independent” voter. I favor logic and morality over party affiliation. Therefore, my opinion on gun control is not slanted toward a political ideology. It was formed years ago, and my belief still stands today, even after the current events of extreme violence by people who should not have had access to any gun. 

Logically, to deter the possession of assault weapons to people who should not have them, the sale of these guns should be illegal. However, the qualified public (the good people) should have the right to defend themselves in the home or in public. 

As good as our law enforcement system is, they are not capable of protecting us 24/7. Time after time the person who has the ability to thwart or lessen an act of violence to themselves or the public before law enforcement can act has saved lives. 

However, the ability should also come with safe restrictions: a more extensive background check, a 40-hour course, and a renewal period of three years, which includes a background check and an eight-hour course. 

I do not think bad guys will ever stop being bad guys, but this may help to level the playing field.

Anthony Matthess


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