Dick Cesaroni | Build the Park, Issue a Refund

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Letters to the Editor
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Subject: The “Save the Open Space” flimflam.

This will be a follow-up to the letter written by Mr. Ken Dean in The Signal magazine (Aug. 25).

I totally agree with Mr. Dean on this matter.

We placed our trust (and money) in the hands of our City Council to do the “right thing” with OUR money. We DID NOT vote the measure in just to have the City Council change the rules in the middle of the game after getting our money.

One has to wonder who is running the zoo. The animals or the guards? We entrusted “our” money to the City Council to invest in “saving the open space.”

This action reeks of the Social Security system where workers put a portion of their hard-earned wages into a trust fund for their future when they retire just to have the government dip into it for their pet projects until it is now practically bankrupt.

Mayor Marsha McLean states, “I’m assuming that all this was looked at before the decision was made to go ahead and use the money to build the active park at the community center.” REALLY? You know the old joke about ASSUME?

Regarding (city spokeswoman) Carrie Lujan’s remarks that “the panel’s action changes nothing,” The hell it doesn’t change things. Did the panel agree to change the rules in the middle of the game? According to Dean, who was on that panel, no, they did not.

The City Council are the ones who should be reading all the final draft(s) before voting on them. Who runs the city? The panels and committees or the City Council?

Also, according to Mr. Dean, that money was to be used ONLY for the purchase of open land space surrounding the city. I believe that is what we taxpayers believed also.

A few years ago, I exchanged emails with a member of the City Council regarding the monstrosity known as the Newhall library. I asked this person if he/she had read the proposal prior to voting on it and they replied no, and if they had read it they would have voted NO on it. I believe it is time to vote out the entire council and vote in persons who know how to read and not depend on staff to advise them.

If the City Council wanted to build the active park at the community center the matter should have been put into the city budget and not taken from the “dedicated funds” for saving open space.

My faith and trust in our City Council has disappeared. If you build that active park with the funds from the open space program, then I would like a refund of my money.

Dick Cesaroni


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