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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As a past member of the 2007 “Save Open Space” committee, I am disgusted with the current controversy and actions of our City Council’s transferring of funds from the open space district’s line item to the facilities fund.

As a committee member we spent hours and hours on its interpretation and the managing of its financial matters. At no time, and nowhere, was it brought up about the potential of using these funds for anything else but the purchase of open space surrounding the city.

The citizens of the city voted for and put their trust into the city to use these funds for open space, period! Trust in government, at any level, is always negative, which is why this was voted down the first time.

Communications Manager Carrie Lujan is quoted as saying the panel’s action changes nothing. 

What it does do, is show the community how the city operates. Well, that comment sure scares the hell out of me in dealing with my tax dollars and changing matters that were set forth.

 Even more significant is Mayor Marsha McLean’s comments as she is quoted as saying, “I’m assuming that all this was looked at before the decision was made to go ahead and use the money to build the active park at the community center.” 

She went on to indicate, “When we receive information that an action is OK to take, we go by what our staff puts forth. As far as I know, this was all done the way it was supposed to be done, and until something different comes up, that’s what we go by.” 

Oh really? This sounds like bait and switch, and someone needs to do their homework.

 It seems to me that since the City Council is being paid a monthly salary, that they, as part of their job, are responsible to be aware of all city expenditures. This is THEIR fiduciary responsibility, not a staff person’s. Perhaps we’re paying the wrong people.

Many years ago as a past chief financial officer for a large Califoria corporation, this is a matter I would never do, and although I was asked to transfer funds from one line item (account) to another line item, I refused because from my moral perspective this type of action is unethical, period!

Ken Dean, Santa Clarita

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