Lois Eisenberg | Amazon Fires a Global Problem

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Amazon rain forest is on fire, and climate scientists fear a tipping point is near. Millions of tons of  dangerous carbon dioxide are discharging each day into the atmosphere.

The biggest concern is in the illegal deforestation. This deforestation is eliminating a critical buffer against climate change. 

The Amazon is being destroyed every minute. The Amazon is a key competent of Earth’s climate system. It holds a quarter as much carbon as the entire atmosphere and handily absorbs about 5% of all the CO2 we omit each year.

The amount of CO2 from the Amazon will measure three times as much as the California fires did last year.

If deforestation continues it is going to be hard to keep global temperatures in check.

Not only will the people of South America be affected, but also the total population of the world will be affected and that could bring catastrophic consequences and a devastating outcome, which will be irreversible.

Global warming is a massive problem making the climate hotter and drier.

Lois Eisenberg


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