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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Jonathan Kraut’s column, “Comparing MAGA-ism vs. McCarthyism” (Aug. 27) is shallow on facts and reality and only displays his hatred and disdain for those who oppose his views.

Bloviation and pontification seem to be prevalent in today’s diatribes, which only serves to stir up more hate on both sides.

Kraut begins by stating he “remembers” the tail end of the McCarthy era, which was 1954. Kraut then goes on to lay out opinion rather than facts.

Kraut claims to direct a private investigations firm, so he should know in order to be a good investigator you need to be a good listener and develop all the facts on both sides.

I served as a special agent with the FBI for over 25 years and a private investigator and fraud consultant for an additional 25 years, so I know a little about sifting fact from fiction.

Bill Ryan, Saugus

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