Mike Garcia | Katie Hill and Hypocrisy vs. Honor

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

As Americans we won’t always agree on the issues. There will always be two or more sides to any political argument. But what we should expect from our political leaders is a willingness to explain their position (i.e., prove to us they understand the issue) and then behave and vote in accordance with their beliefs. 

In addition, we expect our representatives to encourage the rule of law and judicial process. Rep. Katie Hill is coming up short of these expectations.  

As a constituent of this 25th Congressional District (Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley and Simi Valley), I am concerned with Congresswoman Hill’s willingness to jump to conclusions and push to convict those in her crosshairs before any testimony, evidence, or even a conversation is had. 

We first saw this when she called Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh a “serial predator” even before any evidence was brought forward. 

And this week we are seeing it again with a call by Congresswoman Hill to impeach the president before all the facts are in on the Biden-Ukraine issue. In fact, in a recent local interview Hill said, “Whether we move forward on impeachment, I think that impeachment is as political as it is anything else.”  

As a member of the Oversight Committee, this type of behavior is frightening. It is unfortunate but Congresswoman Hill has demonstrated over the past nine months that her allegiances are to the Democratic Party and not to her constituents or to her self-proclaimed values.  

Some call it “hypocrisy,” “selling out,” or “lacking backbone.” I call it irresponsible and abuse of a leadership position: clear indications of a leader who lacks experience. I believe it is critically important to hold our elected officials accountable for such behavior. We deserve better.  

A few cases to illustrate the point:

1. Recently, Congresswoman Hill accused the president, the U.S. Air Force and several aircrew who were flying a cargo plane of “blatant corruption” after they stayed at a hotel owned by the president in Scotland. As a former pilot who has flown cross-country and around the globe, I find her accusation appalling. 

Where aircrew stop to get fuel and rest is a function of mission needs. And the hotels in which they stay are a function of per diem rates and vicinity to the airfield. Military personnel don’t play political games. A congresswoman going after our servicemembers for something like this is an affront on the duties of the military members, especially since the agreement that allows the U.S. Air Force to use this airfield was made under the Obama administration. In fact, about 6% of aircrew who visited the city stayed at this hotel since 2015. Yet Congresswoman Hill attributes it to the current president’s “corruption.”

This is demonstrably poor leadership qualities by a member of Congress who sits on the Oversight Committee and the House Armed Services Committee. 

2. Congresswoman Hill continues to call the president of the United States a “criminal” even after the Mueller investigation and testimony has shown him not to be. Even after the majority of Congress and America agreed that the president should not be charged with a crime or impeached, Congresswoman Hill was adamant that he was in fact a criminal. 

In a local podcast interview this year, Congresswoman Hill said, “Even people who are on my side of the aisle who don’t act to impeach are betraying their oath. It’s obvious he (the president) committed a crime.” 

She went on to say, “I don’t care if I don’t get re-elected.” Yet when Congress previously voted to impeach or not, she voted no; no conviction behind her rhetoric, and with her inaction she is now violating her own oath.   

3. From day one, Congresswoman Hill has said she is against big money in politics. But so far this year she has raised more money than most members of Congress to defend her very precarious seat, and 96% of this money is coming from special interest groups outside of this district. 

Among her first votes was to permit up to $5 million of your tax dollars to be given to politicians to fund their campaigns and to allow them to use campaign funds for personal expenses. She wants you to foot the bill. Where was this Congresswoman Hill when receiving over $330,000 in PAC money just in the first six months of this year or as she spent over $8.3 million in 2018? This is hypocrisy in its purest form.  

4. Last, the congresswoman is taking credit for “progress” on blocking the CEMEX deal in Santa Clarita and the Santa Susana cleanup initiative in Simi. First, these issues are not resolved. Second, all of the progress over the last several years was the result of those who came before her and the local city council members and activists. It’s shameful for her to take credit for this. These battles aren’t over and no one should be wearing the cape yet!

I am more convinced than ever that our 25th District was misled by then-candidate Katie Hill in 2018. She misrepresented herself during the campaign, and today she is failing to represent us. She ran as a moderate, but is now voting and behaving with the likes of AOC, Omar and Pelosi; even calling Nancy Pelosi her “hero.” 

Despite more than $10 million spent by outside special interests to get her elected, she is underqualified and underperforming. The Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley and Simi Valley deserve better than this! 

Mike Garcia is a Republican candidate for the 25th Congressional District.

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