Duane Mooring | The Horse Has Left the Barn

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Letters to the Editor
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This is in response to the column by C. Norman Allen on Oct. 19, “Democrats and Phony Excuses for Impeachment”. 

Mr. Allen, in his “Right Here, Right Now” column, maintains that the president’s July 25 phone call to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was quite innocent – “beautiful” if you will. 

After reading the transcript of the conversation, I find that Mr. Trump’s words are exactly as incriminating as the documentation shows. 

In addition to the “beautiful” argument, Mr. Allen points to another equally ludicrous defense that Mr. Trump’s ardent supporters are testing: The whistleblower is to blame. 

I’d like to point out the following: The horse has left the gate; the cat is out of the bag; the water is under the bridge; the rocket has left the launchpad. Mr. Trump himself released the transcript and called it beautiful; therefore, the whistleblower is not in the picture anymore. 

See? Is Mr. Allen saying that if he can show that a Democrat pointed out Mr. Trump’s self-incriminating statements, that Mr. Trump can get a “take-back” on that self-incrimination? 

Ludicrous of course, but evidence hasn’t been a part of Trumpian thinking since crowd-size-gate. 

Duane Mooring


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