Gary Curtis | Muted Coverage of Allegations

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Last week, reports of multiple, alleged sexual affairs with both male and female staffers, including text messages and photos of California’s 25th District Democratic Rep. Katie Hill, began limited circulation among the D.C. media.

Hill, a first-term Democrat darling, is frequently used as a spokesperson for the liberal Democratic House leadership. Reportedly, she has informally denied the allegations to House leadership.

The sexual allegations should not be a surprise to her constituents, since she self-described herself as a bisexual in her campaign for office. It remains to be seen if the moral and ethical issue of consensual sex with staff employees will be taken up internally by Congress (as a workplace issue) or externally by her own constituents.

As a whole, even the local media has remained muted. 

Gary Curtis, Newhall

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