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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Joe Biden is lucky that he’s a Democrat, otherwise the media would want to investigate his dealings with Ukraine. At the last Democrat debate the candidates were warned by the DNC that if they asked Biden about Ukraine, they weren’t “real Democrats.” Even Democrat pitchman Anderson Cooper was cautious to preface his question about Ukraine that Biden had been falsely accused and that there’s no evidence against him. 

Of course, the lack of evidence never stopped the media’s psychotic feeding frenzy about Russian collusion for two years against President Trump. But as the media continues to pretend that the video and photograph contradicting Biden’s story is “no evidence,” let’s move on to the story that everyone agrees is true about the Bidens.

We keep hearing that there was “nothing wrong” with Hunter Biden getting a $50,000 per month “consulting” job where he was woefully unqualified, just weeks after then-President Obama appointed his dad to oversee Ukraine. Only on Planet Democrat would that be considered as “nothing wrong.” But for normal people, that IS the scandal.

The Democrat Media Complex is doing everything in its power to make the Biden story go away or pursuing their scandal du jour against Trump as a diversion. 

But will the average American, who works hard at a REAL job to make $50,000 in an entire year, agree there was nothing wrong with this cozy Biden arrangement to enrich his son?

I think we’re already getting our answer as Biden’s campaign struggles for money to keep his campaign afloat. To the dismay of the “free press,” Americans are learning the truth. 

And the more truth they learn about this and other stories, the worse it looks for Democrats and their media advocates.

Gil Mertz
Thousand Oaks

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