Richard Myers | Losing Pride as Americans

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m writing this letter because I’m really a bit depressed with this feeling of being less than proud to be an American. I should tell you that I am well into my senior years and so I was able to live through Nixon’s resignation and Clinton’s impeachment and still have the feeling of pride about being an “American.”

No more. Not proud, not one bit. OK, I’m a Democrat, but it’s not about President Trump. Or at least it’s not just about Trump. It’s about all the bickering and the infighting and the pettiness and cowardliness of so many of those “we the people” elected.

Of course I could be wrong, but I believe most Democrats feel as I, and I am wondering if Republicans are also feeling this way. 

I hate it. All my life I have been proud to be an American.

I want that feeling back. I don’t have an answer but I think if the members of Congress would start putting country first and self-interest second it would be a start.

Richard Myers


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