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I was disappointed that The Signal published a dirty campaign hit piece by Mike Garcia (Sept. 26) on our elected congressional representative for District 25, Katie Hill. Not only are his views biased and lacking factual basis, but also this kind of dirty campaign material should be relegated to mail delivery, where it can be tossed into the circular file with other junk mail and garbage.

Mr. Garcia has accused Rep. Hill of hypocrisy and lack of honor. All of his points are flawed. For example, he accuses Hill of not encouraging the rule of law and judicial process because she supports the impeachment inquiry, which she has held off supporting until last week’s ugly revelations. Blatant unlawful obstructive actions by President Trump were detailed in the Mueller report. Now a whistleblower complaint details Trump’s extortion of a foreign country leader to gather dirt on his political opponent. Garcia faults Hill for stating that impeachment is a political process, which it is. It is not a criminal process, and impeachment is the only available remedy to remove a president who has abused his oath of office.

Garcia’s bias is reflected in supporting the false rhetoric that “the Mueller investigation and testimony has shown (Trump) not to be (a criminal).” This shows that either Garcia has not read the report, or is incapable of understanding right from wrong. That puts him in the same category as the deeply flawed politician who inhabits the White House. We learned our lesson with that election mistake. We do not need to compound our error by electing Mike Garcia to Congress.

Thomas Oatway 


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