Michael Peterson | Questions in Tragedy’s Aftermath

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In the aftermath of a tragedy, like the one we experienced here at Saugus, come the questions. The vast majority of them contain one word, why. For each person, the why will vary and for each person the answers to those questions will come. For some it will come sooner than it will for others. Yet, the answers will come. And for the most part, the answers will contain one common adjective, strong.

Several years ago, a religious leader was being interviewed on a talk show, discussing the topic of how families deal with the loss of a child. Admittedly, he said he was giving the standard answers to the parents citing Divine will, which he also admitted did not always give comfort to the families. 

One day, he too experienced the loss of one of his children. He discovered the answers he was giving to others did not comfort him either, until he understood that it was through the strength within himself and with the help of the strength of others that he was able to endure his loss. 

Knowing he had that strength and accepting the strength of others, he and his family were able to overcome their loss, find the answers to the why, and enjoy and cherish the happiness of the memories his child brought to him and his family.

There is a good reason why we have seen #Strong over the years. We saw it in #BostonStrong after the marathon bombing. We have seen it in other tragedies since then. Now we see it in #SaugusStrong and #CenturionStrong.

From the moment the tragedy struck Saugus High School we saw and experienced strength. We saw strong students. We saw strong teachers. We saw the strength of the community come together to push back against this tragedy. Immediately after, we saw the strength of the people of this city come together to help our children and families begin the heal. 

We have seen it many times before when other tragedies have struck our valley. Should tragedy ever strike again, we shall see that strength rise up once more.

To those who have stood by our children and families, we humbly thank you. To those who are seeking the answers to why, be patient. The answers will come. Though you may not feel it now, rest assured, you are strong. God bless everyone.

Michael Peterson


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