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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: “The Power of Faith in U.S. Politics,” by Jonathan Kraut (Nov. 26).

Not all evangelical Christians are Protestant (those who broke away from Rome, during the Reformation). Some, like Baptists and other Bible-believing churches, come from the Anabaptists, which were Bible-believing from the time of Paul, the Apostle and NEVER a part of Roman Catholicism. This is just to clarify things for you. But let’s get to the questions you want answers for.

1. Does Trump still have their support after he has been in office for three years? 

The answer is “Yes, he does!” We back his policies, his support for law enforcement, veterans and military. We back his choices for good constitutional judges, not those who legislate from the bench based on the flowing wind of popular opinion. We back his decision to build a wall to protect the sovereignty of the U.S. We back his pro-life stance, which he has now proclaimed. And yes, he may have been for “choice,” which means murder of the unborn, but we are all sinners and we (Christians) do make different choices to change our sinful ways. We support his job growth for all citizens, which is greater than the last five presidents. We prefer what a person does, more than what he says.

2. One question that confounds me is why Trump continues to have such a strong loyalty among evangelicals. Trump’s conduct is anything but Christ-like.

Christ-like is something we Christians always strive for but will never attain, while we are alive. Our flesh always wars with our spirit and vice versa. We strive to do God’s will in our life, to walk in His ways. God can use ANYBODY to accomplish His will. Jonathan, if you were familiar with Holy Scripture, you would see how God uses even heathens to do His will. Take for example in the Old Testament how God used Nebuchadnezzar to destroy His Temple and used Cyrus the Great and Darius to rebuild it. In the New Testament, God used Pilate to sentence Jesus Christ to death because that must take place. God can use Donald J. Trump to accomplish HIS will as HE sees fit.

3. Is Trump open to collaboration and finding harmonious solutions with the opposition party?

The answer is “Yes,” but the opposition party has been so focused on impeachment and finding false charges against him, when will the opposition party ever want to work with Trump? That question should be posed to the opposition party.

4. On desperate Christians…

You have a lot of questions about desperate Christians, downtrodden and the like, how do you know they are all Christians? One thing, Jonathan, how many are you willing to house in your personal house before you will say, “That’s enough!” Can’t they build their own country? As much as we would like to, we can not save everybody. (By the way, many churches and individuals do support the downtrodden, here in the U.S. and around the world.)

5. The truth will not set Trump free. 

Really? If the truth is the truth and facts are facts and not opinion or “hearsay,” then by all means Donald Trump will be free. How many hurdles (false allegations) has he cleared already? How many more will he face in the future? The Democrats stated that they wanted to destroy Trump from the moment he was elected. They have not stopped, nor found one bit of unethical wrongdoing to charge him with. He is not graceful like Barack Obama. He’s not as slick as Bill Clinton. He fights back, unlike George W.. Bush. He is rough at the edges, and at times biting, but he is my president! I stand with him! So do many of my church family, my fellow law enforcement friends, and my veteran friends.

Bob Galarneau, Canyon Country

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