Gil Mertz | A Hollow Victory for Dems

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor


“Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path because it divides the country.”

— Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House

“Impeachment should not be partisan. You have to be in a situation to undertake impeachment where you believe that once all the evidence is public, voters who supported the president would say, ‘Well, they had to do it. It was the right thing to do.”

— Jerry Nadler

House Judiciary Committee Chairman


On being bipartisan, this was the only 100% partisan impeachment vote in American history. The only bipartisan vote was to NOT impeach.

On being compelling, not ONE witness testified that any crime had been committed, making this the only impeachment vote in American history that did not involve a crime.

On being overwhelming, even the most far-left polls showed that approval for impeachment kept going down, not up. 

This vote was done against the will of the American people.


This was the first time in U.S. history that a president was impeached by a 100% partisan vote against the will of the American people, over foreign aid that arrived ahead of schedule in exchange for an investigation that didn’t happen, for fear that foreign collusion that Mueller couldn’t prove might happen again, and that overturning nearly 63 million American votes is the best way to protect our democracy. 

Welcome to Planet Democrat.

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor with their cowardly surprise attack, they celebrated it as a great victory. All except Japanese Naval Gen. Isoroku Yamamoto, who is quoted as saying, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” 

Enjoy your “victory,” Democrats. There will be hell to pay.

Gil Mertz, Thousand Oaks

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