Ken Dean | This Can’t Be the Norm

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Like everyone in our grief-stricken city, I have no words to express other than what has already been said. I do have a question, like everyone else. Why?

As a past teacher at Saugus High School for two years with the R.O.P. program, I find myself reflecting back on a happier time walking to my classroom and finding students waiting for me to show up and ready to learn. I think of those precious children and the fear the current and future students will endure.

My heart goes out to the grieving families of all students caught up in this travesty. And yes, we will continue to ask, “When will this stop?” I remember reading some years ago, when at another school shooting, a student said, “This is our norm.” To that I say, no, we cannot let this be our norm or future.

Ken Dean

Santa Clarita

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