Saugus coach Jason Bornn named Coach of the Year


Saugus football coach Jason Bornn appreciated everything the Los Angeles Rams gave him. A suite on the field for himself and his wife for Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals was nice and so was the money and swag from Gatorade for the Centurions’ program.

But when Jason Bornn thinks about being named the United Healthcare Coach of the Year, he thinks about how rewarding it has been to impact lives as a coach at Saugus.

“It’s the kids that graduate, that move on and become young men and become contributing members to society in whatever capacity that might be,” Bornn said. “Captains in the Air Force, guys that are in law enforcement, firemen, businessmen, you name it. That’s ultimately what we measure our success in is what these young men do beyond our program.”

Bornn became eligible to win Coach of the Year after he was named Coach of the Week after the Cents’ 41-0 win over Agoura in the second week of preleague, which was also tabbed as the Rams’ Game of the Week.

Although Saugus achieved the shutout, the game’s challenges began even before the clock started.

“Our busses were like an hour late,” Bornn said. “Kickoff was at 7:00 and we rolled up at like 6:15. We had like 45 minutes to get ready, which normally we like two hours before kickoff so we’re not rushing. I remember that and it was kind of crazy but they were relaxed.”

Bornn has been the head coach at Saugus for 18 years, beginning his tenure in 2003. In addition to coaching countless football players, he also has two sons that have been through the Centurions football program.

His oldest son, Angelo, graduated in 2018 and Julian Bornn just finished up his junior season with the Cents.

“It’s surreal,” Bornn said. “They both have grown up with Saugus football. Angelo was 2 at the time that I got the job and Julian was three weeks old, so they haven’t known anything different but Saugus football. It’s a good experience.”

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Bornn coached the Centurions to a 4-6 record this season and although it’s nowhere near next fall’s kickoff, he has already begun work on the coming season.

“There’s no dead time, there’s no offseason, there is no point where you’re not thinking about something football-related and trying to do stuff that’s improving your program, yourself, the players, the equipment and the fields and the facilities to X’s and O’s, you name it,” he said. “What people see on the outside is simply a fraction of that. I equate it to an iceberg. Most people see the part that’s above water.

For Bornn, seeing his former players become successful members of society makes all the work worth it.

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