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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I invite the Time Ranger out to the dusty enclave of Saugus for an updated experience of the old West.

In the recent past, according to The Mighty Signal, we have been experiencing a renaissance of wild West freedom with incidents like a horseless carriage wrapped around a tree, a bb gunfight (cue title theme from ‘The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”) in the alley behind Albertson’s supermarket, a woman run down by another one of them newfangled horseless carriages, a for-real mad gunman at the local high school, and another horseless carriage incident where — somehow — a peace officer is accused of brandishing a fake weapon at another horseless carriage driver and got caught.

All of these things are happening on Copper Hill Drive or in Saugus. YEE-HAW! Who needs Bill Hart, or Tom Mix or Wyatt Earp?

We got the action right here in 2019. OK Corral? Poseur. COPPER HILL DRIVE RULES!

Or maybe we have a problem. Other opinions have weighed in recently on the poor driving habits in the Santa Clarita Valley. Some have even cited the specific California vehicle code sections.

Not only that, but we are suffering from – can it be? – poor planning. I was able to defeat a traffic ticket by proving that only a few high-performance vehicles could be shown to negotiate a turn onto Copper Hill because of the common infraction of ignoring posted speed limits combined with the line-of-sight limitations that were designed into the road by city traffic planners.

Just like Tombstone, we have a majority of good, law-abiding citizens here in SCV being abused by the middle-aged never-exited-adolescence ne’er-do-wells who are using their vehicles like the Clantons used their six shooters. We also suffer when civic leadership’s enforcement of or assumptions about compliance with the law do not pan out.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, nudity is all the rage. A naked lady in a tree, a naked lady crashing her car, a naked dude on the Metrolink.

Awesometown, anyone?

Christopher Lucero


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