John Boston | Hopefully, Mrs. Smith Does NOT Go to Washington

John Boston

Truly, Christy Smith, local state assemblywoman for the Santa Clarita’s Fighting 38th, it pains me to write this. Hate like heck to bag on a fellow Hart High Indian. Wish you well in life. Peace. Happiness. Joy. Hope life just tickles you and yours pink on an hourly basis and that most of your dreams come true.

Except for one.

In a scant few weeks, March 3, the citizens of the Santa Clarita will motor to the polls for a special election. We’re replacing Katie Hill, former Democratic congresswoman. Katie was not whom she advertised to be and resigned in disgrace, blaming others for her downfall. Fine. The beauty of life, of America, is we get opportunities to find a rebirth of soul and purpose. We get to have a do-over.

Alas, for the SCV, you are not that do-over. You’re not the politician to represent the Santa Clarita in Washington, D.C.

This lack of confidence has absolutely nothing to do with you as a person, Ms. Smith. It’s about you being a Democrat.

I used to vote for Democrats. I’d vote for the best person. That’s no longer an option. Your party has so radically changed, it’s militantly left of even Barack Obama’s vision. Your party has mutated into a mad, inept and loathsome creature, growing more ravenous and out of control.

Here’s why sane people can’t vote for you.

You, Christy Smith, cannot be separated from your fellow California Democrats.

Your candidacy is like sheepishly smiling and saying: “Well. Gosh. Sure. I’m a member of the Hell’s Angels, but I’m the Nice Member…

It’s an impossible sell.

Your promise? After decades of failed Democrat visions and policies, elect me, Christy Smith. THIS TIME, it will be different.



You were elected to the state Assembly in 2018. In the scheme of things, you’ve only been in office for 20 minutes. You may have all the catchy bumper stickers and cut a handsome campaign poster. But being an elected official should be about public service — not growing a power base or advancing your political career. The lunatic fringe of your party is running the show and you cannot separate yourself from that insanity.

You vote with the crazies.

Your party’s voting record is like a balloon with the air let out, flying around a room. Abortion AFTER nine months? Really? World’s ending in nine years? Really? Giving votes to felons? To junior high schoolers? Why? I’m guessing if most convicts and the awkward dental braces set leaned conservative, they wouldn’t get your time of day. Your party also is behind early release of criminals and enacting laws where people can’t be arrested for crimes involving a take of under a thousand bucks. Your party passed Senate Bill 1322, essentially legalizing child prostitution in this state. That’s where you can’t arrest anyone under 18 for selling their bodies for sex. Your party was behind the passage of SB1383 — outlawing cow flatulence. That bill, as written, seems to call for inserting miles of intestinal pipelines in every bovine in the Golden State and venting their farts into a bag.



What do your guys do with all the bags?

Under your party, California has become a magnet for the mentally ill, the homeless and those here illegally by the millions — at the expense of the common citizen.

We have congestion. Your Democrats address that by spending millions on shrinking roads and building bicycle lanes. Your party, Christy Smith, is the one that outlawed straws. Your Democrats passed SB946, The Illegal Alien Statewide Street Vendor Protection Act. That outlaws communities from banning taco trucks while having them not comply with any health code regulations that your party has poured into controlling brick-and-mortar restaurants. You collect billions and billions in taxes for roads and infrastructure. They’ve been in horrific shape for years. It’s so bad, major freeway interchange signs are unreadable at night and have been for years.

Nothing. Gets. Fixed. 

And your party screams at us with pretend crises while real ones are ignored.

We suffer droughts, but can’t build reservoirs. We pay nosebleed prices for gas, but can’t build a new refinery in California. Democrats scream “ENVIRONMENT” and cause community-destroying brush fires. The homeless have turned our streets into a dystopian zombie movie starring tens of thousands of concrete campers who poop on public streets and inside grocery stores. Your party STILL somehow manages to blame that on Ronald Reagan, who, if memory serves, left office as governor — 45 years ago.

Thank you, Christy, for another of your party’s brain synapse misfires, SB1192, “No Coke For Kids.” In one of the most profoundly stupid wastes of time, your guys made it a state law to provide water instead of soda pop for kid’s meals. Do we REALLY need a law requiring restaurants to have tap water? What’s next? Adding a hygienist and dentist’s chair to every McDonald’s? Thanks for Political Correctness, for trying to control everything from diet to speech and thought. You assure us that if we give you yet more power, more money, THIS TIME, you’ll do something responsible with it. What we get is one insane project after another. The multi-billion-dollar Bullet Train to Nowhere, Christy. Before you climb the ladder to Congress (financed by how much outside money?), are you going to give a fiery speech demanding we kill that boondoggle?

Come the March 3 election, we need to check a different box: No Christy Smith for Congress. 


Your party is the motorcycle gang that has left a trail of burning highway behind them.

And you vote with them…

John Boston is a local writer. The opinions expressed in his column do not necessarily represent those of The Signal or its editorial board.

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