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Letters to the Editor
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My name is Justin, and some people might think of me as an unlikely Republican. In my 20s, not white, gay and an immigrant. Not exactly what society in the media expects a Republican to look like. I have been pleasantly surprised to find another unlikely Republican running for the 38th Assembly District.

Suzette Martinez Valladares first caught my attention when running for Congress, but she soon saw the pressing need to represent constituents in the 38th Assembly seat and began her campaign for the seat this past summer.

What drew me to Suzette was the fact that she combines smart conservative values, with the compassion that comes from her nonprofit experience at the Little Steps of Faith Preschool and her work as executive director of Southern California Autism Speaks.

Suzette understands that Californians are being crushed by burdensome taxation and regulations. She sees the homeless epidemic is not being addressed —  often because of the inability to see effective workings between the state and federal government. She also recognizes that the ability for families to stay together in California requires protecting Proposition 13 in order to ensure that grandparents are not taxed right out of the state.

Suzette knows that constituents in this district want freedom to be able to work the way they choose and would not support hasty legislation like Assembly Bill 5, which has made working for women and persons of color only more difficult in the state.

Suzette is not a career politician. She embodies a picture of what so many of us in this district look like: a mom, a Latina, a millennial, and a person who wants to see California fixed, where there is some balance restored to Sacramento and the voices of everyday Californians can be heard again. This election, I hope you will join me in casting a vote for Suzette Martinez Valladares.

Justin Charles


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