Several ‘must-have’ clothes for your kid’s closet

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As a parent, it can be difficult to decide what to buy for your kids. You want clothes that are trendy and versatile, but also items that will last. Even more, you want your kids’ unique personality to shine through!

Stocking your kid’s closet with clothing that is unique, fun and durable will help find a balance between your needs as a parent and their wants as kids.

Jackets and hoodies 

Layers not only provide extra warmth to keep kids comfortable, but they also add additional style to any outfit. The best items to add to your kids’ closet this season are denim jackets and hoodies. A classic denim jacket is perfect for every kid as it adds additional style to every outfit while also keeping them comfortable during those chilly mornings.

Likewise, cozy hoodies are great to have on hand. They are comfy and go with just about any outfit. If you’re running out the door or picking them up after practice, hoodies are perfect during those transitional seasons.

Jeans and leggings

Getting kids’ pants that are versatile and long lasting can be tough. With changing styles and a growing kid you are constantly challenged with finding the perfect pair of jeans. In just a few wears, parents often dread finding worn knees or holes in pants. Your best bet is to stock up on denim that is strong and matches with virtually any top. For young kids, adjustable waistbands are easy and grow with your kids. For girls, leggings are popular, comfortable and go with just about any top or dress you have for your kid.

Graphic tees

Got a kid with a big personality? No matter his or her interests, graphic tees are an instant hit that will be worn time and time again. These comfortable tees are printed with fun designs and catchy phrases, with some even featuring interesting details. They are easy to wash and are great for layering with that jean jacket.

Shoes and socks

When designing a child’s closet, you need to consider head-to-toe looks, and that means looking down at those feet. Basic dress shoes in black should cover all your more formal needs. Comfortable sneakers are great and last all day. As for socks, basics are a necessity but fun colors can add pop to an outfit. For younger kids, socks with grippers are a must. (BPT) 

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