Shanna Simmons | Salute ALL First Responders

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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This past Friday (Jan. 31) the Los Angeles Dodgers came to Saugus High School to visit with students, staff and first responders who had assisted on that horrible day of the shooting. In noticing pictures and videos of the event on Friday I noticed missing first responders from AMR. The paramedics and EMTs who had transported the injured students to the hospital. It deeply disappoints me that they did not receive any type of welcome or invite to the event when there were police and fire present who did not even respond that day. 

Our paramedics and EMTs were the ones who were treating the victims on the scene without any form of safety in them such as tactical vests, doing CPR on them, checking their vitals, keeping them stable while they were rushed to the hospital and were basically overlooked. I am in no form trying to bash police and fire but I do feel that our paramedics and EMTs just got shoved under the rug. I am writing in to basically open your eyes to ALL of our first responders and not just some.

Shanna Simmons


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