A nod to retro and vintage home décor for 2020

A high contract kitchen look is now on trend in 2020. COURTESY PHOTOS

Interior designers report that the latest style trend for home décor is a “nod” to vintage and retro furnishings — styles reminiscent of the 1800s and early 1900s. Think spooled legs, spindles and retro wallpaper.

The retro and vintage trend also applies to styles from nearly every decade up to the 1970s and 80s. 

However, designers are using retro and vintage as “statement” pieces and accents, not as “whole-room” installations.

If you want to join the trend of using retro and vintage furniture and other décor, remember to use these looks in moderation.

Want to join the trend? Here are a few ideas:

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper might be the biggest “vintage” statement you can make in 2020.

Pretty, florals are nearly everywhere and are a great choice for “powder rooms” and foyers. 

Choose bold, colorful wallpapers with large scale prints or metallics. 

If the thought of committing to such an extreme look — a look that might be out of style sooner rather than later — gives you pause, many new wallpaper options include “stick-on” options that are easy to remove. 

High-contrast décor

High-contrast designs are currently the most popular “retro” look having a moment in 2020.

The recent movement of white, on white, on white, has been the “go-to” look for a while. The white trend is clean and bright, but can leave living spaces with a “flat” and uninteresting appearance.

All white is giving way to extreme pairings of black and white, or dark and light. 

Try a chair with black or bold jewel tone fabric and a white frame.

Get a console table with dark stained wood and replace the hardware with light-colored options. 

Don’t limit yourself to solids. Use patterns that mix light and dark, as well. 

High-contrast can also apply to different kinds of fabric. Mix rough and smooth textures to add interest. 

One of the hottest design trends for 2020 is a combination of high contrast and floral wallpaper. Dramatic, large-scale dark floral wallpaper is inspired by the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age.

Non-white kitchens

The all-white kitchen is so 2010s. The new decade brings with it new ideas in kitchen décor. One example is a return to the use of color in the kitchen. Expect to see more natural wood cabinets, islands and shelves. 

If you want to take the new color trend further in 2020 add color-pop cabinets. Choose daring colors like dark red, bright yellow, intense green or navy blue. Classic blue is the Pantone Color of the Year and is a perfect choice to add interest to a modern kitchen. 

Canopy beds

There is something very fairy-tale and romantic about a canopy bed. But forget the idea of canopy beds draped in heavy fabrics with thick headboards. The canopy bed of 2020 is made with sleek metal frames and light, airy material. Think “minimalist” canopy bed. You don’t even need a headboard for modern canopy beds. The best part of the canopy bed is that the beds add height, geometry and interest to even the smallest of rooms.

Antique art

Antiques are making a comeback in décor throughout the house, but antique art is perhaps the hottest trend of 2020. Antique art that looks aged, and has a story to it, are the most sought-after pieces.

Start your hunt at thrift stores and estate sales. If you decide to be a “serious” collector you can move to art auctions to find pieces for your collection.

Art doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Art is also very subjective, if you like it, if it makes you happy, it’s not important if the piece has value to others, or to experts.

Buy it and hang it. Your friends and family will be fascinated to hear the story of how you found your favorite piece in a thrift store while on vacation, or on a weekend “art hunt.” 

Don’t forget to add hanging art, or pieces to open shelves in the kitchen. Use any chance, or available space, you can to add art to add interest, or to make a statement in your home.

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