Betty Arenson | Smith Mocks Garcia’s Service

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Letters to the Editor
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California 25th Congressional District candidate Christy Smith showed more of her true colors Saturday, April 25, in a live stream video with her constituents. It’s clearly revealed, in a leaked video that she has, as of this writing, not commented on.

Smith spoke sarcastically while laughing on the topic of opponent Mike Garcia being a “pilot.” She mockingly stated, “Did you guys know he was a pilot? … That escaped me…” 

Naturally, the crowd fell into line.

Mike Garcia possesses huge, remarkable accomplishments an Annapolis graduate in the top 3% of his class as well as a master’s degree from Georgetown University in national securities studies. He was an F-18 pilot protecting U.S. Marines on the ground in wartime and is an 18-year veteran. The utter disrespect she once again shows for this veteran, a former and forever military man, is despicable.

The highlight was Smith’s comment: “I texted my team, and I’m like, ‘OK, he’s got pictures of planes behind him. I’ve got constitutional law books — the irony.”   

As an aside, Smith has been asked to respond to her comments by the Washington Examiner. Predictable silence as to her anti-military appearance.

First, one has to smile at the “valley girl” tone, but most of all the fact she has constitutional law books as her backdrop is sincerely laughable. She is not even close to being a lawyer, let alone an accomplished constitutional lawyer. Nor is there any mention she even reads them. My bet is, she doesn’t. At least Garcia flew his F-18 and knew it like the back of his hand.

Smith is unable to speak of the specific positives she’s promoted in the state Assembly seat she presently holds, but we sure know many of the negatives. One, she is trying to destroy charter schools; two, she did not fight for constituents to erase the gas taxes and motor vehicle tax increases, and three, most recently supported Assembly Bill 5, which is devastating California businesses and gig workers. AB5 is nothing more than a business-destroying union-pleasing endeavor.

Christy Smith tried to incite a boycott of a local small business in her own district over a personal vendetta; a boycott that was intended to destroy an employer. Ironically, she dreamed up a fairy tale of the old default, emotion-grabber “racism.” Yet here she is mocking a first-generation American of Mexican heritage.

You cannot make this stuff up.

The real question Smith promoted, from this to-be-secret video, to all voters is: Who do you want representing you in Washington? Mike Garcia, with his education, honorable accomplishments and skills, or Christy Smith, who sits at a temporary desk with constitutional law books for photo ops behind her?

Betty Arenson


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