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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

And there it is. A conservative is suddenly on the side of the individual who is struggling. A conservative is advocating giving money away to people. What is the pejorative term conservatives throw around all the time? S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M.

That’s right, folks. On Tax Day 2020 (though it is officially delayed until July), local candidate for congress Mike Garcia wrote an unfathomably socialist opinion, and suddenly his feeling is that individuals in need must be helped. Mmm. Butter. Butter for people who — through no fault of their own — have fallen on hard times. Imagine that.

Except, note: It assumes that since said individual is a “business” that the entity, the “business,” suddenly has an Orwellian “more equal” status, a more needy need. Pretty typical. Keep that evidence of underlying prejudice in mind.

Because a “business” is not a person, the welfare Garcia proposes has preferential attributes that dissociates individuals. The business COULD be a sole proprietorship, and maybe that is where the image resides in the mind; Garcia promotes and exploits that imagery in his opinion. But an individual human is not necessarily the beneficiary of such government largess. A “small business” is generally any entity with less than $7 million in revenues, a cash flow of about $600,000/month (about $130,000/week).

Private prisons are outlawed in California. But, a private prison in another state could be classified as a small business. They make revenue on the markup of free (or nearly free) prison labor available to them as an artifact of their primary business with their local department of corrections. As long as the business’ attributes are below the small-business thresholds, hooray! You see? That’s one possible outcome from the Orwellian “more equal” treatment.

Then, of course, the obligatory attack on Nancy Pelosi. When Garcia supports partisan initiative is it noble (image of Kevin McCarthy nodding menacingly), but when the other party does it, the partisanship is scandalous. Both parties’ shared guile means both are incontrovertibly wrong.

You can be assured that, once this crisis is bled for its political capital, the butter will be withdrawn and guns will once again be Garcia’s preferred type of government handout. Raytheon hired him for his contacts during his years in the Navy and put him in a business development position to exploit his relations with Navy buddies now in procurement roles. Is that the kind of “deep state” the current administration dislikes? Or is it something much worse?

Let’s hope Garcia abides his own opening advice that Congress “stop the games.” 

Christopher Lucero


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